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SurfAid was born out of our desire to make a difference. By joining the SurfAid TRIBE you not only save and improve the lives of women and children, but also provide an additional level of certainty as we continue to invest in our communities.

Here’s How It Works

By becoming a SurfAid TRIBE member you ensure that people living in extremely remote areas have access to basic health services, clean water, improved nutrition, and protection from malaria. Membership is recognized for annual gifts of $1,000 or more given throughout the year (at one time or cumulative gifts pledged over a 12 month period). 

Your Gift has the 

power to save lives

$1,000 - covers the cost of a nutrition garden for an entire village. Introducing micro nutrient rich foods to village diets through the establishment of seedbanks and nutrition gardens helps to improve health and supports micro-enterprise opportunities.

$5,000 - ensures safe births for ten communities. A trained midwife is essential for a healthy birth, especially in remote and often isolated villages. Access to a midwife can literally be the difference between life and death -- for both mother and baby.

$10,000 provides water for an entire village. Access to clean water is the catalyst for all elements of the Mother and Child Health Program, vastly improving living conditions while simultaneously reducing disease and diarrhea. 

$25,000brings a full-scale Mother and Child Health Program to an entire village. Our communities benefit from receiving access to basic health care, clean water, and improved nutrition, ensuring more vibrant, healthier communities.To join, make your donation today or contact the SurfAid team directly.


For global inquiries: Corinne Habel +61 4 5095 9445 or

In the US: Erin Miserlis 619-723-0222 or

Donations are tax deductible in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

On Behalf of the entire SurfAid Team, thank you to our current members of the SurfAid Tribe
who save lives each and every day.

*Founding Member

$1,000 - 4,999

Adam Hare * Christopher Wren Jay McPhee Pete Holywell
Adam Lamond Count Charitable Foundation Jesse Carter Peter and Robyn Simmonds
Al Walker * Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation* Joaquim Havens Philip and Gwendolynn Potloff
Allan Moore* Danny Errico John Walker Reimer Skov Hansen Ejby *
Andrew Howard David & Pam Coe Jon Shields Richard Gardner
Andrew Macgonigal* David and Masako Rosen Family Foundation* Joseph and Karen Niehaus Richard Rand*
Andrew Mccray David and Tanya Todd* Justin Wallace Richmond Properties C LLC*
Andrew Myors* David Cairns Kathryn Utiger Rick Peters*
Annie Danko* David Cozens Louis Vanderstappen Roger Butler*
Argonaut Foundation* David Gerrie Lucy Elliott Scott Shillinglaw
Ben Lisle David Gyngell* Lyle Banks* Sean O'Brien
Ben Smith Debra Perrh Maria Shim* Shane Dorman
Bevan Daily* Dimmick Charitable Trust * Marie Gray Sharyn Wilson*
Bill Constantinidis Eugene Tan * Mark Mackenzie Shirley In'tVeld
Bill Johnston* Fenton Family Charitable Fund Mark Shepherd Skylar Peak
Bird Rock Roasters* Firewire* Matthew Wiedlin Stephen Cooper
Brad Gaul Freyja Bruun Michael Grant Stephen Harrison*
Brad Shallard Garry Brown - Neaves Michael Neumann Stuart Dunn*
Brent Backhouse* Gary Lord * Michael Pedicini The Dagda Trust*
Brian Kahan Geoffrey Wilson Mike Vanderfield * The K A Zankel Foundation
Bruce Jeanes George Cornwell Mikke Pierson* Tim Rich
Bryan and Eva Schreier* Gillian Judge* Mitchell Frost Toby Browne
Bryce & Sheena Koehn* Greg Pearce Nicholas Brown Todd Bacon
Cary Kinkead Harry Hill* Nick Kodos Tony and Loretta van Merwyk*
Chris Clarke
Ian Lyon Nigel Allfrey Tuki Goodrick
Chris Goss Ian Neuss Oliver Woodward* wayne tsuchitani
Chris MacKinnon Iris Davila Parker Valenzuela William Marre*
Chris Parr Jackson English Sydey* Paul Bell Yin Ng*
Christen C and Ben H Garrett Family Foundation Jacqui Shepherd Paul Maddock
Christine Holman James Sawyer* Paul Riehle*
Christon Apostoles Jason Collins* Paul Wilson

$5,000 - 9,999

Andrew Stern Bob Bollen* Grant Eshuys* Stuart and Kate Gasner
Angus Firth* Charmaine Dunstan Paul Mitchell* Tony Bardin
Bemus Landscape Inc * Craig Smith* Steve and Sally Beck * Troy Angus*

Gary Lord* Steve Bennett*

$10,000 - 19,999

Benchmark Property Group* David Paradice* Peter Wheeler and Elizabeth Munro* The J&B Jackson Foundation
Brad Scott James Gordon* Robert Rudine The Wales Family Foundation*
Charles Engelhard Foundation* Malcolm Appelbaum* "Smiling" Dave Tanner* Tim Kelly
Charlie Lanchester* Paul Borrud* Stuart and Kate Gasner* The Sirota Family*

$20,000 and Above

Ben and Inger Richardson, Nine Links Foundation* Frank and Amy Ragen Ray Wilson*
Bruce & Sue Shepherd* Kerry Harmanis* Steve Baldwin*
Dan Trunk* Peter Brown* Steve King*
Dr. Karl and Tia Luber* Phil King*

On Behalf of the entire SurfAid Team, thank you to our current members of the SurfAid Tribe
who save lives each and every day.

*Founding Member


Adam Hare *
Adam Lamond
Al Walker *
Allan Moore
Andrew Howard
Andrew Macgonigal*
Andrew Mccray
Andrew Myors*
Annie Danko*
Argonaut Foundation*
Ben Lisle
Ben Smith
Bevan Daily*
Bill Constantinidis
Bill Johnston*
Bird Rock Roasters*
Brad Gaul
Brad Shallard
Brent Backhouse*
Brian Kahan
Bruce Jeanes
Bryan and Eva Schreier*
Bryce & Sheena Koehn*
Cary Kinkead
Chris Clarke
Chris Goss
Chris MacKinnon
Christen C and Ben H Garrett Family Foundation
Christine Holman
Christon Apostoles
Christopher Wren

Count Charitable Foundation
Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation*
Danny Errico
David & Pam Coe
David and Masako Rosen Family Fou
David and Tanya Todd*
David Cairns
David Cozens
David Gerrie
David Gyngell*
Debra Perrh
Dimmick Charitable Trust *
Eugene Tan *
Fenton Family Charitable Fund
Freyja Bruun
Garry Brown - Neaves
Gary Lord *
Geoffrey Wilson
George Cornwell
Gillian Judge*
Greg Pearce
Harry Hill*
Ian Lyon
Ian Neuss
Iris Davila
Jackson English Sydey*
Jacqui Shepherd
James Sawyer*
Jason Collins*
Jay McPhee


Jesse Carter
Joaquim Havens
John Walker
Jon Shields
Joseph and Karen Niehaus
Justin Wallace
Kathryn Utiger
Louis Vanderstappen
Lucy Elliott
Lyle Banks*
Maria Shim*
Marie Gray
Mark Mackenzie
Mark Shepherd
Matthew Wiedlin
Michael Grant
Michael Neumann
Michael Pedicini
Mike Vanderfield *
Mikke Pierson*
Mitchell Frost
Nicholas Brown
Nick Kodos
Nigel Allfrey
Oliver Woodward*
Parker Valenzuela
Paul Bell
Paul Maddock
Paul Riehle*
Paul Wilson
Pete Holywell

Peter and Robyn Simmonds
Philip and Gwendolynn Potloff
Reimer Skov Hansen Ejby *
Richard Gardner
Richard Rand*
Richmond Properties C LLC*
Rick Peters*
Roger Butler*
Scott Shillinglaw
Sean O'Brien
Shane Dorman
Sharyn Wilson*
Shirley In'tVeld
Skylar Peak
Stephen Cooper
Stephen Harrison*
Stuart & Kate Gasner*
Stuart Dunn*
The Dagda Trust*
The K A Zankel Foundation
Tim Rich
Toby Browne
Todd Bacon
Tony and Loretta van Merwyk*
Tuki Goodrick
wayne tsuchitani
William Marre*
Yin Ng*