Household Chores Save Lives

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Would you be more inclined to take out the rubbish or sweep the floor if you knew it could save your child’s life?

Hobatete village is but one of many communities on the remote island of Sumba plagued by unnecessarily high maternal and infant death, childhood malnutrition, diarrhoea, and malaria.

A dirty home and village only exacerbate these health risks. While Sumbanese homes are aesthetically intriguing, the spread of preventable disease is aggravated by the architecture which enables livestock to be kept under the homes, and the common practice of open defecation just outside the front door.

Meet the inspiring Mr. and Mrs. Yoyo who have themselves been inspired by SurfAid! With a deep love for their son, Arsito, they regularly attend SurfAid’s parenting classes and bring little Arsito to the community health post for monthly check-ups and parenting tips, including clean and healthy living habits. Because they have implemented what they’ve learned,  Arsito is growing up healthy and strong.

One of SurfAid’s community health volunteers recently visited Mr. and Mrs. Yoyo’s  home, and describes her astonishment:

“The Yoyo’s home is a traditional Sumbanese home… but with a closer look, it is very different compared to its neighbours. The house is clean! In front of the house is a bucket of water to wash hands and feet, so the floor inside the house is clean. Livestock cages have been separated from the house, so the underside of the house is clean,which is very rare! The Yoyo’s have built their own latrine, and there is no rubbish in the yard.”

With the help of our supporters, SurfAid is able to help parents like Mr. and Mrs. Yoyo understand that raising healthy children requires more than just hand washing, or using a latrine; it requires a clean home and healthy environment too.

Yoyo’s cleanliness and healthy family have inspired neighbors to make changes that improve their own health. The positive impact is far reaching, thanks to Yoyo’s enthusiasm and your support!