Courtney Conlogue Supports SurfAid

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Courtney charging what many called the swell of the century at Lagundri. Photo by Jake Marote.

We recently sat down with Pro Surfer and SurfAid Ambassador, Courtney Conlogue. She’s currently ranked #2 on the WSL Women’s Championship Tour and we’re stoked to have such a shredder talk about what inspires her to support SurfAid.

Why do you support SurfAid? What makes this organisation special to you?

I support SurfAid because I believe in their process. SurfAid is a humanitarian organisation that works closely with local governments and the members of the communities. SurfAid not only gives the people of the communities the tools and supplies to improve their quality of life and health, they go the next step! SurfAid empowers the people through education and support.  They educate them on the very simple basics of better health through nutrition and positive healthy behaviours. I like the way SurfAid goes into a community and works closely with all the people. The people learn better ways of growing food, keeping their water supply clean and healthy, basic good hygiene, and sanitation.

What is your favourite thing about Indonesia? What do you like least?

I love Indonesia! The people are so friendly and down to earth. I enjoy not having all the noise of the city when I visit the remote areas. I would like to see the issue of water pollution in the surrounding oceans improved. There is a lot of trash on their beautiful beaches and I think it would be wonderful to get that handled.

Where’s Courtney? Photo by Adler.

What was the most memorable part about your trip with your fellow SurfAid Ambassadors Rasta and Bonne Gea? What was the highlight? Any low points?

The trip to Indonesia with SurfAid was truly one of my most memorable trips! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone within SurfAid and the local people of the community. I learned so much during my time there. I enjoyed learning about the installation of the water tanks, keeping their water clean and sanitary, watching and listening while the women and children learned about nutrition and other practical behaviours that add quality of life and health. I enjoyed just being with the locals and experiencing their way of life. I loved playing soccer with the children in the field! There was actually a massive swell during my time there so I enjoyed some of the most amazing waves! The waves and beaches are so beautiful. It is a paradise! If I was to mention any low points it would be that I had to leave so soon! I would have enjoyed staying on longer and I look forward to my return. 

Courtney Conlogue also shreds on the soccer field. Photo by Adler.

Can you share with us your top three favourite surf spots?

With all the travelling that I do I have been blessed with many experiences and surfed many different locations around the world. To narrow it down to only 3 surf spots isn’t an easy request!  I have several and I’m listing them for many different reasons. Some waves will really test you on so many different levels and some are just very fun and enjoyable. Here’s my list:  Many different locations throughout Indonesia have great surf. Indonesia is a surfer’s playground!  There are so many waves! I enjoy surfing Greenmount on the Gold Coast of Australia when the crowd is thin. I love Bells in Victoria, Australia. It has tested me through injuries and conditions.  I have to throw one more in which is Honolua Bay, Maui. Honolua Bay is a very fickle wave but when it’s on it’s a lot of fun.

Courtney surfing in Sumbawa. Photo by Billabong.

Thanks for all your support, Courtney, and good luck with the rest of the tour! We’re cheering for you!

Check out video highlights from Courtney and Rasta’s trip to Nias.