Join Dr. Dave for #SurfAidSeptember

Friday, September 01, 2017

#SurfAidSeptember is our annual campaign dedicated to raising awareness for SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health Programmes. After more than 17 years of working in some of the world’s most remote communities, I am proud to announce that SurfAid is achieving our strongest field results to date.

Thankfully, our communities have had seen a reprieve from natural disasters for the past seven years. In the absence of disasters we have been able to focus solely on our Mother and Child Health Programmes to ensure access to clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare, and improved nutrition. These simple steps are drastically reducing the maternal and child mortality rates and have enormously positive impact on the health of our families.  

A few of our most significant results include: 

 In Nias SurfAid has helped to reduce maternal deaths from 8 annually to zero for two years in a row. During the same timeframe, the mortality rate for children under five has all but disappeared with only one death reported last year. That is down from an average of 22 per year at the start of the programme in 2012.  

In Sumbawa – SurfAid has partnered with families in Parado sub-district to build 92 water wells, drop the diarrhoea rate in children to less than 0.5%, establish 15 community health posts that have seen the rate of women seeking prenatal care rise up to 94%, and establish 150 nutrition gardens throughout the community.

In the Mentawai – In SurfAid's most recent programme, 98% of people living in targeted communities now enjoy clean water, and 14 community health posts have been established. As a result, 75% of pregnant women are attending the health posts, and the percentage of pregnant women with inadequate nutrition has decreased from 27% to 5%.

One of the most critical components of our success is you. We could not achieve such incredible results without your help - thank you for making a difference. I invite you to share the impact you are making and help us raise awareness for #SurfAidSeptember. It can be as simple as sharing our story on social media to catching a wave in our honour. Here’s some simple ways you can get involved:

1. Surf and Save a Life – Registration is now open for the SurfAid Cup Malibu, Manly, or Gold Coast

2. Volunteer – we have a variety of ways you can support SurfAid. Contact your local USAU, or NZ headquarters to learn more

3. Social Media Takeover – Replace your profile pic with one of SurfAid’s photo assets and share our content with your friends. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes info we’ll be sharing from SurfAid’s latest monitoring trip to the field.

4. Support – make a donation or support those who support us by purchasing a product that benefits SurfAid. 

For a complete list of involvement opportunities, visit

On behalf of SurfAid’s mothers, children, and families - terima kasih (thank you)!
Dr. Dave