Thank you for making 2017 SurfAid’s best year ever!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

“No one ever bothered to tell us why we were getting sick.”

Bapak Jhon, Sumba

With communities as remote as ours, even the most basic of knowledge isn’t accessible and the biggest contributing factor to death and disease in young children is an innocent lack of knowledge. SurfAid empowers people through education to gain the knowledge needed to make educated decisions to change behaviours.

"Before, if we received any training at all, it would be delivered in a classroom setting. The trainer would explain the topics and we would just take notes. The training method used by SurfAid was different, more participatory, and with more detailed health information. In addition, we also practice how to be facilitators.” Mrs. Muslimat, Kader Posyandu Anggrek, Paradorato village

Thanks to you, in 2017 SurfAid was able to save and improve more lives than ever before. A few highlights of the work you’ve helped make possible this year:

In the Mentawai

- Still suffering from the devastating results from the 2010 tsunami, SurfAid is in year two of a recently established a 5-year livelihood program targeting malnutrition and micro-economic opportunities for the villages in South Pagai

- Community members like Ibu Endawani are already making use of the new program and are successfully harvesting food for consumption and sale

In Sumbawa

- A new pilot project using Solar Powered Drip Irrigation is being used to stimulate agricultural activity in the notoriously dry region. This is the first project of its kind in Indonesia

- The communities are maintaining the programmes water facilities, operating basic healthcare systems, and sustaining key life-saving behaviours for clean and healthy living

- We successfully completed a four-year Mother and Child Health Programme and ALL development programmes are running independently by the community

In Sumba

- 4,524 more people now have access to clean water - a huge difference considering their dry season last 9 months every year 

- SurfAid partners like Bapak Jola volunteered their time to learn how to construct water facilities and plant nutrition gardens to support their community 

In Nias

Before SurfAid, 8 out of 150 pregnant women died. Two years after implementation of SurfAid’s Mother and Child Health program, that number dropped to zero and has remained at zero for two years

- The mortality rate for children under five has all but disappeared with only one death being reported. That is down from an average of 22 per year at the start of the program in 2012.

- 99% of villagers now have access to clean water

- Health volunteers in Sinarikhi village are thriving economically with the help of a $75 stimulus grant from SurfAid. The financial support enabled the community to increase their production of banana sales to help fund the improvement and long-term maintenance of their community health post All this incredible work could not be done without the support of dedicated SurfAid supporters like you. For more examples of how you’ve made an impact this past year, please check out our annual report. 

If you haven't done so already, there's still time to take part in the #SickWavesHealthyVillages campaign. Thanks to our generous donors, we've already raised over $60,000 for our Mother and Child Health Programmes! All this incredible work could not be done without the support of dedicated SurfAid supporters like you. Thank you for making 2017 SurfAid's best year yet. 

For more examples of how you’ve made an impact this past year, please check out our annual report.

Happy Holidays!


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