Firewire Team Wins SurfAid Cup at Malibu

Monday, September 12, 2016

Rob Machado by Grey Lockwood Photography @greylockwoodphoto

For a fourth year in a row, the team from Firewire won the SurfAid Cup at the iconic First Point at Surfrider Beach in Malibu, California.  The event raised an extraordinary $125,000 for humanitarian organization SurfAid.

The team from Indoteak Design, sponsored by Frank and Amy Ragen, won the fundraising Cup by raising $16,150 with team captain Jeremy Horowitz. In the past five years, the SurfAid Cup in Malibu has raised more than $500,000 for SurfAid.

“We are obviously stoked to win today, but there are no bragging rights, because anything we did today pales in comparison to what SurfAid does every day.  SurfAid is a phenomenal organization and we are proud to support them,” says Mark Price, CEO of Firewire.

All funds raised contribute to SurfAid’s mother and child health programs in remote areas of Indonesia in Nias, the Mentawai Islands, Sumbawa and Sumba. “The funds raised by the SurfAid Cup in Malibu, the ongoing support of Malibu Surf Association (MSA), and the community of Malibu truly saves lives in Indonesia.  With a ‘hand up, not a hand out’ philosophy, SurfAid works with simple, but high impact solutions including clean water, access to basic health care and improved nutrition. Days like today show that surfers can make a real difference and give back to the places they love” says Andrew Judge, CEO of SurfAid.

Drone shot by Sean Stahl @sean.stahl

Malibu delivered a clean, long interval south swell with sets that were shoulder high to overhead and rippable.  Contestants taking off deep blew minds, making outside sections at warp speed before carving huge cutties on the inside and throwing buckets of spray.  The level of surfing took the SurfAid Cup competition to a new high. A five-man tag team format, the SurfAid Cup was part of the annual MSA Classic Invitational contest and all the teams picked a pro surfer or legend to join their fundraising team.

The pro line-up this year was amazing. Competing alongside legends such as Shane Dorian, Rob Machado, Jen Smith and Joel Tudor, paired with the opportunity to support SurfAid’s life saving programs and surf an empty First Point break in Malibu is what drives most of the competitors.  

The team from Firewire won the final with a very impressive score of 203. Three points separated them from second place team Indoteak Design who finished with a score of 200.  Crystal Blue Persuasion, Malaria Sucks, Malibu Backbone and Team Ola Scream rounded out the exciting finals. 

Mark Price, Chuy Reyna, Taylor Jensen, Rob Machado, with pro rider Johnny Noris brought home yet another winning trophy for Firewire

You can still support the teams here

Supporting sponsors for the 2016 SurfAid Cup Malibu were Indoteak Design, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Duke’s Malibu, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, Casa Escobar and the Malibu Surfing Association.  

SurfAid Cup Malibu 2016 Pro Roster:
Shane Dorian
Reef McIntosh
Matt McCabe
Mike McCabe
Johnny Noris
Anthony Petruso
Allen Sarlo
Jen Smith
Pascal Stansfield
Guy Takayama
Joel Tudor
Tyler Warren

Allen Sarlo by Grey Lockwood @greylockwoodphoto

Eden Saul by Grey Lockwood @greylockwoodphoto

Eden Saul by Keelee Lovaas @keeleelovaas

Karl Luber by Noah Crider @cridernoah

Kassia Meador by Grey Lockwood @greylockwoodphoto

Pascal Stansfield by Grey Lockwood @greylockwoodphoto

Rob Machado by Keelee Lovaas @keeleelovaas

Rob Machado by Noah Crider @cridernoah

Rob Machado by Grey Lockwood @greylockwoodphoto

Shane Dorian by Noah Crider @cridernoah

Shane Dorian by Keelee Lovaas @keeleelovaas

Shane Dorian by Grey Lockwood @greylockwoodphoto

Shane Dorian by Noah Crider @cridernoah

Shane Dorian by Keelee Lovaas @keeleelovaas

Shane Dorian by Keelee Lovaas @keeleelovaas

Taylor Jenson by Grey Lockwood @greylockwoodphoto

Tyler Warren by Keelee Lovaas @keeleelovaas

Wing Lam by Keelee Lovaas @keeleelovaas

Tosh Tudor by Grey Lockwood @greylockwoodphoto